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Products: 75 300 2000 Unlimited
Products Total Worth: €35,000 €500,000 €2,500,000 Unlimited
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Price (per Month): €24

What is a Store?
A Store is primarily a promotional tool for your business allowing you to have your entire products catalog online on where any visitor can search and find your products very easily. A Store also provides all the necessary tools to support online order processing and management.

Why have a Store?
Having your products on a Store is an easy way to advertise or sell your products because:

  • Your products are included in search results
  • Your products are listed along with other similar products in categories and products
  • You also get a separate dedicated store, making it even easier for your customers to browse only your products
  • Your store and products, are being promoted within
  • Easy manual or one-step automatic synchronization.
  • Is a Store useful for me?
    People use to find products they like and by having your own Store, you are making your products directly available to them.

    Unique Web Address and (optional) domain name
    Your store can be accessed directly from the Internet either by the short Web Address in the form of, or by having your own domain name.

    Products Management - Easy/Automatic synchronization of your products
    It is very easy to update and manage your products. You may update all your products with one step, if you have an updated list of your products (Excel, CSV etc). It can even work automatically by setting up a synchronization schedule with your online store or any other database system you have.

    Keep your existing store too, if you like
    If you have a store with its own design and style but you want to take advantage of the promotion that Stores benefit from, you can use our automatic synchronization system, and you will have a duplicated always updated Store too.

    Check out our Sample Store
    To get an idea of how Stores look like please visit our Sample Store To see how your products appear within, you can try to look or search for some products and if some stores have it, you will see how they are presented to visitors.

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